NEET Important Questions of Biology


If you are preparing NEET Exam 2021 then check important questions for NEET Exam 2021. Correct answers are also provided here.

  1. Respirtory quotient is not less than one in   :

a. Carbohydrates

b. Protein 

c. Fats

d.Normal diet

 ANS- b. Protein

2. Which of these is a world famous palaeobotanist   :

a. Prof. S.R. Kashyap 

b. Dr. J.C. Bose 

c. Prof. Birbal Sahni 

d. Prof. K.C. Mehta

ANS- c. Prof. Birbal Sahni

3.” Henle’s loop ” is found in   :

a. Lungs 

b. Heart 

c. Liver 


Ans- d. Kidneys

4. Plasmids are   :

 a. Essential genetic material of bacterium

 b. Extra- Chromosomal genetic material of bacterium 

 c. Proteinaceous part of virus

 d.Nuclear part of virus

ANS-Extra- Chromosomal genetic material of bacterium 

5. The fish used for control of malaria is  :

a. Rohu

b. Gambusia

c.Both  a b

d. None of these

ANS- Gambusia

6. Basis of lamarkism is  :

a. Natural selection

b. Matation 

c. Variations

d. Inheritance of acquired charaters

ANS- Inheritance of acquired charaters

7. Respirtory quotient is not less than one in   :

a. Carbohydrates

b. Protein 

c. Fats

d. Normal diet

ANS- Protein 

8. Chloroplast membrane is   :

a. Single layered

b. Doubled layered 

c. Multiple layered

d. Compound structure

ANS- b Doubled layered 

9. Lichense are good indicator of:

a. Water pollution

b. Air pollution 

c. Noise pollution

d. All of these

ANS- b. Air pollution 

10. V shaped chromosomes are :

a. Metacentric 

b. Sub metacentric 

c. Acrocentric 

d. None of these

ANS- Metacentric 

11. The Primary source of energy in an ecosystem is :

a. Sunlight 

b. Glucose 

c. Protein 

d.  A.T.P.

ANS- Sunlight 

12. Bacteria with a tuft of flagella at one end are called as :

a. Lophotrichous 

b. Amphitrichous 

c. Cephalotrichous

d.  Peritrichous 

ANS- Lophotrichous 

13.The loss of water from plants, in the form of vapour is called as :

a. Guttation 


c. Transpiration

d.  none of these 

ANS- Transpiration

14. White rust[ disease is caused by:

a. Ascobolus 

b. Rhizopus 

c. Albugo

d. Puccinea

ANS- Albugo

15.In Which of the following the stem is divided into nodes and internodes :

a. Lycopodium   

b. Selaginell 

c. Equisetum   

d. None of these

ANS- Equisetum   

16. The family leguninosae is economically inportant as its member produce  :

a. Cereals  

b. Oils  

c. Fibers    

d. Pulses

ANS- Pulses

17. System controlling the involuntary actions or internal organs is   :

a. Cerebrospinal  

b. Parasympathetic  

c. Autonomic   

d. Peripheral 

ANS- Autonomic 

18. When a virus attak the bacterium the material that enters the host cell is   :

a. Protein  

b. Nucleic acid  

c. Both (a) and (b) 

d. None of these

ANS- Nucleic acid    


19.Which one of the folowing is an edible fungus   :

a. Agaricus 

b. Ascobolus  

c. Albugo 

d. Pythium

ANS- Agaricus

20. Common name of Fungia is   :

a. Mushroom coral

b. Red coral

c. Brain coral

d. Organ pine coral

ANS- Mushroom coral

21. Cup shaped chloroplast is found in   :

a. Spirogyra 

b. Chlamydomonas 

c. Oedogonium

d.  Ectocarpus 

ANS- Chlamydomonas

 22. Pheumatophores are special type of modified root which help in   :


b. Storage of food

c. Transpiration 

d. None of these

ANS- Respiration

23. The membranous labyrinth contains a fluid called

a. Perilymph

b. Haemolyph

c. Lymph

d. Endolymph

ANS- Endolymph

24. Petrification,s Impression and Compression  are types of-

a. Fossils

b. Bacteria

c. Spores

d. Virus

ANS- Fossils

25. Carbon monoxide is harmful to human beings as it is :

a. Carcinogenic

b. Antagonistic to co2  

c. With higher affinity for haemoglobin as compared to oxygen

d. Destructive to o3 ( Ozene)

ANS- With higher affinity for haemoglobin as compared to oxygen

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