NEET Important Questions of Biology -02


NEET important question are very important for those who prepare NEET 2021. In this article, we have given some of the most important and expected questions for NEET 2021. Check NEET important questions for NEET Exam 2021. Correct answers are also given here.

NEET Important Questions

1  ‘ Sago’ grains are obtained from :

a. Cycas    

b. Pinus

c. Fern

d. Moss

ANS-  Cycas 

2. Seat worm is the alternate name of  :

     a. Pin worm  

     b. Hock worm 

     c. Intestinal round worm   

     d. Guomea wpr 

  ANS- Pin worm  

3. Cadmium pollution is associated with disease   :

    a.  blood Anaemia 

    b   Itai Itai 

   c Minamata

   d  Pneumoconiosis

ANS- Itai Itai 

4- Which of these cell organell is also known as dictyosome   :

  a Ribosome  

   b  Paroxysome 

   c Minamata

  d  Pneumoconiosis 


5- Smallest proteinaceous infectious particle is known as   :

a.  Prions

b. Viroids  

c. Virus 

d. Bacteriophage   

ANS- Prions

6- Eutherian mammals are   :

a Oviparous  



d.Both (a) and (c)  

ANS- Viviparous

7- During cell division, Cap cells are formed in :

a  Oeodogonium

b. Ectocarpus 

c. Chara

d. Polysiphonia

ANS- Oeodogonium

8 Poisonous fluid present in nematocyst of Hydra is

a. Hypotoxin

b. Haematin 

c. Haemozoin  

d. Agglutinogen  

ANS- Hypotoxin

9.Which of the follwing is an aquatic species   :

a. Riccia ganagetica

b. Riccia discolor 

c. Riccia billardieri 

  d. Riccia fluitans 

ANS-Riccia fluitans    

10. In which of the following peristome teeth are mainly found   :

a. Liverwort

       b. Hornwort

       c. Mosses

      d. All of these 

 ANS- Mosses

11  In which of the following the asexual reproduction takes place by ‘ gemma’   :

a. Riccia 

b. Marchantia  

c. Funaria 

d. Pogonatum   

ANS-  Marchantia

12-Which of the following types of cells store reserve food in sponges   :

a. Pinacytes

b. Choanocytes 

c. Trophocytes

d. Thesocytes

ANS- Thesocytes

13- Plasmids are   :

a. Essential genetic material of bacterium

  b. Extra- Chromosomal genetic material of bacterium 

c. Proteinaceous part of virus 

d. Nuclear part of virus  

 ANS- Extra- Chromosomal genetic material of bacterium 

14- Which of these statement is true   :

a. Kranz anatomy of leaf is seen in C4  

b. Kranz anatomy of leaf is seen in C3 Plants

c. Kranz anatomy of leaf is seen in C4  and C4 Plants 

d. Nothi  

ANS- a & c

15- Larva of Balanoglossus is

a. Mullers’s Larva

b. Tadepole Larva

c. Tornaria Larva

d. None of These

ANS- Tornaria Larva

16 – Cup shaped chloroplast is found in   :

a. Spirogyra 

b. Chlamydomonas

c. Oedogonium

d. Ectocarpus 

ANS- Chlamydomonas

17- Common name of Fungia is   :

a. Mushroom coral

b. Red coral

c. Brain coral

d. Organ pine coral 

ANS- Mushroom coral

18- When a virus attak the bacterium the material that enters the host cell is   :

a. Protein  

b. Nucleic acid 

c. Both (a) and (b) 

d. None of these    

ANS- Nucleic acid  

19- System controlling the involuntary actions or internal organs is   –

     a.  Cerebrospinal   

    b. Parasympathetic  

     c. Autonomic

     d. Peripheral 


20- Endoskeleton of scoliodon made up of  :

a. Cartilage   

b. Bones  

c. Sclaes  

d. Plates    


21- White rust[ disease is caused by:

a. Ascobolus 

b. Rhizopus 

c. Albugo

d. Puccinea

ANS- Albugo

22 The loss of water from plants, in the form of vapour is called as :

a. Guttation 

b. Excretion 

c. Transpiration

d. none of these 


23- In which of the following pteridophyte ‘ elaters’ are present  :

a. Selaginella

b. Equisetum 

c. Marsilea


24. Sensen’s nods is formed during the gastrulation of  :

a. Amphibious

b. Birds 

c. Amphibians and Reptiles 

d. Reptiles, Birds and Mammals

ANS- Birds

25- In Funarea the peristome teeth are  :

a. Arthodontous type

b. Nematodontous type

c. Amphidontous type

d. None of these

ANS- Arthodontous type

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